How does a writer busk? 

The obvious answer, "I'm going to write" obviously doesn't answer this obvious question, so, obviously, 

I'll write about the next question, 

Where does a writer busk?

Buskers (aka street performers) tend to gravitate to New York, 
but sitting in the backseat of a car last night, my friends argued (playfully) about Carla's desire to move back to the east coast 
(Jim wanting to remain in Colorado) and it hit me: 

I should go to Boston. 

(Jim and Carla met in Boston).

I spent two minutes in silence wondering if He had sent me a message, if He, through my friends, was leading me.

"God, are you leading me?" I asked, and added, out loud, 
to  my friends, "You guys wouldn't happen to know when I'm supposed to leave for Boston, would you?"

"Two weeks," Jim responded, without hesitation. Then, 

with hesitation, 

"isn't that when you said you were leaving?"

I blinked.

I'm a suit-and-tie kind of guy, but I'm going to trust my impulses: 
in two weeks, I'm heading out to California for a family reunion in Oxnard, about an hour north of Los Angeles, where I'll start busking, then 

I'll move on to San Francisco, then 

on to New York,

and, from there, to my destination:



Aurora , Colorado

Monday, March 17, 2003